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Sharon Corvin Thompson 
Sharon was a pop, rhythm and blues singer in Hollywood, California, for several years at which time she did commercials and jingles and sang in supper clubs throughout the world.  Sharon has sung in such clubs as the Latin Quarter and Copa Cabana in Tokyo, the top hotels in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, and the renown supper clubs of California, as well as the elite nightspots up and down the ‘Sunset Strip’ in Hollywood. And of course by being a preacher’s daughter she sang gospel as a child.
Sharon did a “Coke” commercial in Hollywood that was to be released along with her new-cut record.  The commercial was to be played every hour on the hour with her name announced with it.  While reading her Bible in Hollywood one evening, just before her record was released, she felt impressed through the Scriptures to leave Hollywood… and not to look back.  Sharon claims that she called her manager and producer – told them goodbye; and left Hollywood in that hour.
Sharon says that she was called to give up everything that was dear to her, but that through a long and hard search for the truth through the scriptures, and in her obedience to God through the years…she was led to the heart of God.  She believes that if one can find the true heartbeat of God, one can find the answer to every problem which confronts the world today. She believes that God can provide your next meal… and will provide streams in the desert… and give you a life worth living. 
Sharon believes that there is an answer to the disturbance of hate, murder, crime and violence which is plaguing our streets today.  She says that honest and sincere people are looking for real answers to real questions in a lying world where the real truth is suppressed.
Sharon says that America today could become a nation not much different from Rome in the first century, when Nero seized the rulership of the vast Roman Empire and set torch to the city of Rome…and played his zyther while the red flames reduced its structure to ashes.  Sharon says she hopes America does not feed her Christians to the lions before she sees a clear picture of what the truth is.  She says that before the blood ceased to flow from the veins of the redeemed Christians in Rome, both Paul and Peter, the great martyrs of the New Testament, had paid the supreme price.  Paul was beheaded… Peter was crucified with his head down.  History reveals that Nero’s sins finally came home to roost, and the poor bedraggled megalo-maniac was forced to pierce the blade into his own jugular vein.  Rome finally rotted with-in… but the TRUTH of Jesus Christ arose from the ashes to give new direction and new stability to the world.  Sharon says that America is the greatest country in the world… and we all need to do what we can to help keep her the great “home of the brave” and the “land of the free;” and continue being a help and light to others.

Since leaving Hollywood, Sharon has traveled extensively throughout Bible Lands, especially Israel, the Mideast and Europe; and has sung and given her testimony in many churches and gatherings far and wide.  She is the daughter of the late Dr. R. O. Corvin who held six earned degrees including two doctorates.   And she is the wife of Jeremiah Thompson who was a pop-country singer from Hollywood and Nashville… who now sings gospel.
You will want to hear Sharon’s very unique testimony and hear her sing those soulful songs that will make you want to know more about Jesus.  Sharon has completed albums called “I’ve Seen Him” and “Sing Me a Love Song.”  And many of the songs recorded by Jeremiah and herself are songs she has written.  She has also written books entitled “From Hollywood to Paradise” and “A Call To My Beloved.”
Sharon and Jeremiah have had records that have hit national and international markets. And have had their own TV show which reached five states and 430 cities… and to hear them sing together is a heart-rendering soul experience you will never forget.




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