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Vito A. Galati I

Vito Galati - The ShreaderVito Galati is a professional Christian-rock guitarist/composer who is  currently trying to extend and open the eyes of all with whom he encounters as to Who the true Rock Star is… Jesus! Vito uses his talent in hopes of bringing all of those with whom he performs or becomes acquainted  to the knowledge of Christ!

Vito says he has been in the Rock’n Roll industry since a very young age,  starting out at the age of five–to the present time. Vito says, “In my  youth, I spent many hours devoted to learning my craft as a guitarist–my  true passion at the time! When I reached my teens, while many of my  peers and friends developed the habits with drugs and such, I veered away  from it all in staying the course of music.”

Vito A. Galati I has played in several acts prior to reaching the age of 22–and was  employed by Tyrant, which he says, was the beginning of a great run of
blessings…where he had the chance to use his own talent. Vito says,  “Many times I was pushed away, due to my faith in God and Christ; but I  do not apologize for my faith! In fact, I display it for all to see! My  gifts on the guitar, and composing as well as performing, are His to show to all.”

In the mid-90′s Vito decided to remove himself from his career in the  secular world to using his talent for the Lord in promoting the Kingdom of  God. Hence, he began a new chapter in his life as VitoArchangel. Vito  says, “It has been a long road, but God has continued to bless me along  the way for my faithfulness in obeying Him. To this day… I have no regrets!”

Vito currently works as a self-titled act, Vito Galati & Lyon 7, which  is Christian based, and offers Rock ‘n Roll with the guitar work that can  put forth the statement that, “Yes, not only can a Christian rock, they  also can represent Christ!”



Acts with whom Vito has performed:

81-87 Tyrant – Warner Bros. Records
1364411907_vitoagalatii_ (1)87-89 Tyrant – Elektra-Assylum

89-91 Steel Diamond – Capital Records
91-94 Mythrial/Metalblade-Rock – Dog Records
95-06 Archangel – VIJO Records/Bulldog Records
07-11 Vito Archangel – Bulldog Records
 2012 to Present – Vito Galati & Lyon 7 – Lyon 7 Productions


These are the sites for Vito Archangel:–


Vito Archangel 10

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