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The Crownsmen



The Crownsmen have been singing together as a group since 2005. However, the individual members of the quartet are no strangers to gospel music.


Hubert Kemper, lead and tenor for the group, has been singing gospel music for approximately 60 years. Prior to singing gospel music locally, he was often a featured vocalist while serving in the Navy. His gospel singing career, as well as performing solo, includes The Goldenaires, the Journeymen and the Stateline Quartets. Hubert has an excellent voice, and is an asset to the group.

Paul Kemper, Hubert’s son, has been singing with various groups for over 26 years. He was also part of his family group which included his father and twin sisters. Paul possesses one of the lowest bass voices around. His vocal range is unbelievable as he not only can sing baritone with the best of them, but when he sings the lead, he can reach some amazing high notes for a bass singer. Paul can reach a solid double low Eb below middle C. His dream is to one day sing J.D.’s lowest note, double low C. We appreciate Paul’s humor. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine and Paul does his best to make everyone’s heart merry.

Billy and Sharon Jenkins have both sung gospel music for approximately 53 years each. In the early years Billy sang the tenor notes; however, he now sings lead and baritone, or as he put it, any part that is left. His wife, Sharon is pianist for the group and sings alto. They have traveled throughout WV, OH, KY, IN, and PA either singing in groups or as backup musicians. In 1964, they sang in the Goldenaires with Hubert Kemper. It is ironic that they have teamed up once more after so many years.

Until recently, Billy was active as the church pianist. He also plays pedal steel, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. He was offered the tenor spot in the Golden Keys Quartet when Jim Hill left the group, but he decided not to move his family to Portsmouth, OH. While working on construction in the Nashville area, he received offers for auditions to play pedal steel for various country acts. Once again, he opted for a different direction for his life. Southern gospel music has always been his love. Everyone loves Bill for his pleasant voice and his quick wit. His humor keeps everyone smiling.

Sharon plays anything with keys on it, and began playing the Hammond organ in church at the age of 12. In over 50 years as a church organist, her favorite sound was the Hammond B3 with the famous Leslie tone cabinet. It has been said, her organ playing ‘rocks’. As a teenager, her accordion teacher encouraged her to go to New York as his protégé to advance her musical knowledge. However, playing music in church and using her music for the glory of God is the life she chose.

Gayle Kemper is Paul’s wife and helps with the sound, writes the checks, and at practice lets them know when they sound good or bad. We enjoy Gayle’s pleasant personality and her sparkling humor.

We are so very proud to welcome The Crownsmen to Chariot Records and know you will enjoy the unforgettable sounds of their Southern Gospel music. When the Crownsmen are in your area, stop by to say hello. They are always glad to make new friends. They believe: Even if you have a million friends, you still can not afford to lose a single one.



For booking information contact:

Sharon and Billy Jenkins
1104 Broadway Avenue
Parkersburg, WV 26101

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