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Terry Fancher


The music of Terry Fancher can be considered as musical teachings reaching into the depths of the heart bringing about peace and healing.  It is “Heart and Soul” music because it brings with it strength as well as a challenge.

The instrumental music, at first only a desire, was an area that was untapped for a long while. Through meeting and influence from former Jefferson Starship guitarist, Craig Chaquico, Terry found a challenge to step out beyond his “norm.”  The instrumental collection of music has been used in a most interesting way; in many cases as a musical “medicine” in the lives of many who have listened. 
With the new approach in music, Terry has had opportunity to conduct workshops, based from Pslam 144:1  “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle. These workshops are designed to equip the musician, no matter the instrument they play.
Terry and his wife Debbie, live in Whitehouse Texas, giving their lives to Jesus in the ministry into which He called them.  Their first date has become a story to tell, when meeting at a praise and worship meeting in Tyler Texas, Terry and Debbie went to a lunch date then out to a local lake to enjoy the afternoon.  While at the lake a storm came up rather quickly, being they were riding Terry’s motorcycle, they went to find shelter until the storm passed.  While looking, both were struck by lightning.  Debbie was struck in the back of her head, with the lightning burning a necklace chain into her neck, entering in her upper right leg and exiting through her ankle, also entering the left leg and exiting in like manner, she was then wrapped around a nearby tree.  Terry was struck on the left side of his head, a wrist watch he was wearing was melted on the back side, as well as a melted quarter in his pocket.  When they came to, they both were praying and calling upon Jesus. After crawling to the parking lot, help came and they both were taken to a local hospital, where they were told that in actuality neither should have survived.  Both say, all they could say was, “Its because of Who we know.”
With this “First Date” they love life, each other, and are very close.  The ministry that was born from their marriage is strong in the Lord, anointed and outgoing to reach others with God’s love, healing and salvation. God, Family and Ministry being the order of priority in their lives.  Both believing strongly in the integrity of that order.
We are excited to present Terry Fancher as an artist on Chariot Records.  We believe in his talent and ability and the anointing of God to present Jesus Christ to this generation.


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