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Joe Lindsey

I believe life is a quest for the perfect muse. I believe in the original intent of man. I believe these can only be fully realized by entering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I have played music since I was fifteen. Much of my music career was spent performing in clubs. The groups I performed with were always polished and professional. The secular world, however, proved to be an entity that would only take and never give. It took my friends. It took my health. And, it almost took my soul.

I won’t spend much space here on my testimony. Suffice it to say that sticking needles in my arms was not the worst thing I did. I have been forgiven much. I, therefore, love much. I came to Christ a broken and dried up wreck. He restored me to His purpose and filled me with His Spirit. Now, I write for the Saver of my soul. I have written, performed, recorded and produced all of the work I post.

I am also writing a book about my life and adventures as a Christian, musician, father, husband and seeker of the wholeness of life. My hope is to continue writing-not only for myself, but for any in need of a fresh approach concerning their faith and their musical presentations.

My passion is writing; whether it be music or short-inspirational stories. It is what I was made to do.

And whether you read me or listen to me … I hope you are blessed by the experience.


Joe is a rare talent with an incredible style! He has written and composed his own music and performs every instrument heard in his recordings.  We are proud to present Joe Lindsey as an artist on Chariot Records.


Hear Joe’s music at his websites:!/profile.php?id=691123514



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