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Donna Byrd


Donna began singing with her mother on a Baptist Church radio-station at the age of five. When Donna was 14, her mother became ill and was placed into hospital care for two months. After her mother was released from the hospital, she was placed into a nursing-home facility, as she no longer recognized her children nor her husband. Donna says she was lost without her mother. She was the baby girl in a family of five older brothers; and Donna says her mother had always spoiled her to the point that when she came to the realization that her mother no longer knew who she was, she left home and ran out into a world she was not ready to face alone. In her hurt and dismay, Donna experienced what it was like “not to have a home she could call her own”–nor did she know from whence her next meal would come.


Donna believes it was her mother’s prayers that kept her through the many years of pain and sorrow–but through it all, she learned to trust in God and in the saving power of His Son; as well as trusting Him to provide her next meal and to direct her steps.


After Donna was married, had two children… and found Christ who filled her life and gave her a new song, she became active in His call of ministering to others in helping feed the hungry and clothing those who had nothing.


We have known Donna for many years and she has always persevered in her quest to find the truth and the right answers for the problems she faced–and has answered that call as she has faithfully given to others… even in her own very hard times of need! She has raised her children, has sung and witnessed in the streets, has been a faithful ambassador to Christ and His church–and has freely ministered to others on a daily basis! Donna and her husband also opened a house for the homeless in Enid. She also played the piano and was special singer for ten years with a church who also assisted in feeding the hungry in Chickasha, OK. Donna as well has written dramas which were filmed and televised on Pegasys-TV in Enid… and she has been faithful to the beckoning call of duty! We have personally witnessed the love and power of Christ in her life; and we love and adore her two children, Rodney and Patricia, whom we have known for many years.


Donna now serves as President of “Women’s Aglow Ministries” in Enid, OK, where she has served for five years–and is also CEO for the “Jesus is Lord Evangelistic Ministries” of Oklahoma City, headed by Janice Lawson. She was also a scrub tech, assisting doctors in a hospital where she also cared for the ill–and is now the Social Service Director for a nursing home facility in Enid where she and her husband Terry Byrd have lived for several years.


We are so very proud to introduce Donna Byrd as an artist on Chariot Records!





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