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Corners of Sanctuary

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As our world enters into the second decade of the new millennia, music continues to be a driving force in all our lives. More than just a backdrop lost in the noise, music is the marker of the many milestones along our journey through life. Each and every moment in time can be linked to a memorable song, an inspirational melody or the emotionally charged lyrics of our favorite songwriter. Music is the energy that moves our lives – it is powerful. Music is universal. Music is forever!

CORNERS OF SANCTUARY was formed in early 2011 after members of a previous band, Seeker, regrouped in 2010 to celebrate the band’s anniversary. The eunion spawned a desire that brought members Sean Nelligan, James Pera and Mick Michaels to begin working together again. Each member had honed their craft while playing in several Philadelphia-area based bands. The need to return to their roots was apparent. With a direction and a sound that by now was inherent to each, Corners of Sanctuary (C.O.S.) began writing and rehearsing all original material. On 3/30/12, C.O.S. released their six-track EP, “Forgotten Hero.” The EP received national acclaim at SD Metal.

Driven by the power and inspiration given to us by Metal music, C.O.S. has ignited the fires of classic Heavy Metal, bringing the genre full circle as the sound of yesterday lives again as the sound of today. Hard hitting, head banging, straight forward Heavy Metal is the mission – nothing less will do. Old School is back with a vengeance…. Metal has returned!

CORNERS OF SANCTUARY hails from Philadelphia, PA, and these East Coast metalheads are breaking new ground with an old sound. The artwork of the CD “Breakout” captures the intent of the band’s mission wholeheartedly while literally depicting the disc’s title. The C.O.S. Axe pulverizes its way through a brick wall, breaking out of whatever stereotypes of preconceived notions society may have about this genre. “Breakout” leaves no doubt!

Since the release of “Breakout,” C.O.S. has been working with La Mazakuata Records, expanding the band’s fan base in Mexico, Central and South America. During 2013, C.O.S. has been supporting the “Harlequin” release with a string of live performances and interviews. “Harlequin” is a concept album telling the rags to riches story of a street performer. C.O.S. is also working with the Germany based company Pure Steel Records as the band begins its European invasion.

The band is already working on the follow-up disc, and has returned to the studio to write and record new material with tentative plans for a new release in late 2013… which will be exclusively available at the band’s official website.



Sean Nelligan: drums and vocals
James Pera: bass
Mick Michaels: guitars and keyboards

Contact info:

March Baby Media

Corners of Sanctuary
P. O. Box 26452
Collegeville, PA 19426

Contact Mike Anthony
Cell #: 610-960-0239

Official Website: www.cornersofsanctuary/com

Additional C.O.S. pages:




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