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Chuck Paul


Chuck Paul 

Chuck Paul has been a singer/songwriter/performer for over 30 years, and has released two albums… “COUNT IT ALL JOY,” a Christian folk/rock CD in 1997 and “SEX, DIAMONDS, AND CHOCOLATES,” a folk/pop-rock CD in 2005. Chuck has been performing as a soloist on guitar and piano for the past 22 years–and has recently begun working on an as yet untitled double album.


He’s dabbled in musical theatre from 1980-82, writing the book and composing the music and lyrics to three 2-hour productions…”DEAREST TEACHER,” a drama based on the life of ANNE Sullivan Macy, Helen Keller’s teacher; “APT.3,” a romantic comedy; and “GOOD NEWS,” a drama based on the Gospel’s effect on a young man and his teenage friends.


Chuck says, “I don’t believe in “image” as the criteria for a successful musician. Most of todays musical “artists” AND their music is nothing but uninspired, assembly-line trash packaged by manipulative record execs and sleezy PR people. Most of these execs and their “proteges” wouldn’t know music if they fell over it! I couldn’t care less if someone was on stage in a tattered housecoat, three chins, a pot belly, one tooth and smelled like a landfill!.. If the sound they were making was sweet, soft, loud, clever, sincere, heartfelt and MELODIC…they would get my applause and support. Music is an emotional art-form…not a modeling agency. The general public listens to music with their eyes…not their ears.
 The music is only as good as you LOOK! It’s comparable to throwing away a diamond and keeping the box it came in. Image, age and any other “outside” thing, has nothing at all to do with TALENT! Music is indeed entertaining, but if all you want to do is be a clown, join Ringling Bros. “Music should be treated for what it is…a gift from GOD and a privilege and a blessing to be able to perform it; and it should be performed and listened to in the only place it matters…in your heart… luv always”


Chuck Paul


Chuck Paul #4

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