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Carl Corrick

Carl D. was a radio broadcast D.J. and radio-show stage director and producer from 1967 until now. He has served in all positions of various local and network global stations and programs. Carl just completed a genre of science in radio production, and was host with Beyond the Quark–a science political oriented show from the satellite of London, England, to 42 countries and 72 languages… including Dubai!  He was a disc jockey on such radio stations as KGFF, KEBC, KKNG, WKY, KRAF and other local stations in Oklahoma. Carl was raised on stage as an actor from the age of five; and was the lead in 27 stage productions across the U.S. and local to network television.  He has worked with various science programs and electronic to physics promotional programs… and has directed and programmed a network of many renown personalities which have aired nationwide.  He does not name names, but I know he was given an honorary membership in the Hollywood Film Tech Association by a great star of 52 years and former NRA President, namely Charlton Heston… signed and delivered! It would be difficult to relay in one paragraph the depth of Carl’s intellect and wealth of knowledge, or experience!  A few years ago, Carl passed through a near-death experience, on record from a horrible auto accident… which changed the course of his life forever.  We’ve known Carl Corrick for many years and can verify all of the above is true… and so much more if there was room here to tell it… but let’s just say that it is a great honor to present Carl Corrick as an artist on Chariot Records.

You may contact Carl Corrick at:


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