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Randy and Amy Nichols grew up in different geographical areas, in different family situations and backgrounds. However, when it comes to God, they have both made their decision to stand with Him. Both have seen God move and can testify to the goodness and truth of His Word, allowing them to glorify God with all of their heart, soul and mind!

Randy began playing guitar at the age of 15. As a young man he traveled with his family singing throughout the bible belt. Randy is also an evangelist.; preaching revivals and ministering as the Lord leads him. Now a seasoned musician with numerous original songs, several instruments at hand… and with Amy–he is once again traveling whereever God opens the door.

Amy began singing Country music at a young age. Her mom joined the Penn York Country Music Club–and they would perform several times throughout the year before large audiences and on the radio.  Just before her 21st birthday, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and began singing for Him.

Randy and Amy are full-time Evangelists, and between them they have six children and two granddaughters.  


It is such an honor to have Appointed2 on Chariot Records!  Randy and Amy stay busy year-round in their burning desire to tell others about a Man called Jesus!   You might like to know that one of the amazing things about them is that they travel with a recording studio on their bus where you can get the sounds of Nashville–without the Nashville price!  You can have one CD of ten songs, recorded and mastered with Nashville studio musicians–and the package starts at $1,000.  But unlimited tracks are available!  Your songs can be recorded in a church or living-room setting… or on the bus where your recordings are soundproof and complete!





Appointed2 Randy A



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I Met a Man

True Story

More Than Just a Hanging

Having Fun and Getting Loud


Those Two Shoes

This Journey

He Walked Away


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